We partner with industry-leading companies who have unique visions for building successful Sustainable Infrastructure businesses.


Green Project Verification as Climate Friendly: We verify and certify that certain projects are green and climate friendly in line with the Green Bond Principles & Climate Bond Standards

Financial Advisory services: We collaborate with Fund and Guarantee Providers to co-create and ring-fence innovative impact investment fund for green projects

Due Diligence on pipeline projects: We collaborate with Fund and Guarantee Providers to conduct due diligence on pipeline projects for viability and bankability

Deal Origination: We identify and originate bankable and socially responsible green projects, and linking the projects to suitable funding from the local and international financial markets

Blockchain technology for Projects’ Portfolio Management & Review: We leverage Blockchain technology to design and deploy an interactive and democratic platform to effectively monitor and track the performance and impact of various projects

Climate Finance Training: To build the capacity of key actors and stakeholders of the climate finance ecosystem in any given country. Our training aligns with the NDCs of every given country where the training is held.

Climate Finance Advisory Limited (CFAL) advisory services cover both climate mitigation and climate adaptation projects in the following sectors:

  1. Renewable (or clean) energy and energy efficiency
  2. Sustainable agriculture
  3. Low carbon buildings
  4. Low carbon transportation
  5. Waste recycling management
  6. Weather and climate information services technology

Empowering companies and investors who are creating a more efficient and sustainable global infrastructure.

Empowering companies and investors who are creating a more efficient and sustainable global infrastructure.

An expert team of professionals with the experience, relationships, and creativity to solve even the most challenging problems for our clients

Climate Finance Advisory Limited (CFAL) brings a wealth of experience in the areas of climate finance, renewable energy technologies deployment, sustainable agriculture, blockchain deployment for the financial services sector and capital market.

The organisation was founded by individuals with a range of professional backgrounds who all believe there is a viable business model for operating sustainable energy systems at a local level. These founder members have formed the initial Board of Directors.

Our Team

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Mr. Mark Byron
Chief Operating Adviser / Director
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Mr. Damilola Oyelowo
General Adviser (Programmes & Partnerships)
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Abimbola Laoye-Balogun
Legal Adviser/Company Secretary