About Us

About Us

Climate Finance Advisory Limited (CFAL) is a collaboration of expertise and resources from SMEFunds and Barton Heyman Limited (BHL) spanning combined experience of 80 years in the areas of climate finance, renewable energy technologies deployment, sustainable agriculture, blockchain deployment for the financial services sector and capital market.

CFAL is poised with the strategic direction to crystallize the flow of various forms of intervention and investment required to spur development of Africa infrastructure and critical economic sectors via climate finance methodologies. Our advisory services cover both climate mitigation and climate adaptation projects in the following sectors:

  1. Renewable (or clean) energy and energy efficiency
  2. Sustainable agriculture
  3. Low carbon buildings
  4. Low carbon transportation
  5. Waste recycling management
  6. Weather and climate information services technology

For more information visit:
Barton Heyman Limited: www.bartonheyman.com
SMEFunds: www.smefunds.com

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