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We believe the interest and appetite for environmental and social impact investment will continue growing amongst investors and become increasingly attractive for smaller scale savers. The route into this kind of investment is becoming easier with the increasing number of investment opportunities available and innovative investment platforms coming on stream. We aim to continue to differentiate ourselves from other community energy investment opportunities geographically, by focusing on local investors, and by offering high levels of social and environmental impact and maintaining a low threshold for investment entry.

We build our portfolios with the companies we believe will be the great alpha generators of the next decade, regardless of the broader economic environment.

Fulfilling the vision of providing affordable sustainable energy for all through low-carbon, financially self-sustaining, community energy systems across Nigeria and Africa.

For larger solar installations our primary competition is with mainstream developers. We have advantages, through lower overhead costs and a lower financial threshold for investor return, of being able to consider smaller-scale projects that are not viable for larger developers. For community roof-top solar there may also be potential competition from commercial developers, although we have not yet encountered this. In both cases the added environmental and social impact our business model brings is attractive to site owners.